Property Maintenance


Property Maintenance: Codes Review

Article X111– Prohibitions 226-1301 G: Disposal of substantial amounts of grass clippings by discarding them on the public right-of-way is hereby considered a prohibited act…subject to fines and penalties.


Chapter 201 —Stagnant Water

201-1 Definition—Stagnant Water Pool…water in pools in which mosquitoes, flies or other insects may multiply, including…open containers, sewage, lagoons, ditches, roof gutters, wheelbarrows, tires, birdbaths, swimming pools, ornamental pools…

201-2 Stagnant Water Pools as Public Nuisances: Any stagnant water pool that is detrimental to the safety and welfare of the public, creates a public health risk/hazard in light of West Nile Virus problems, etc.


Chapter 3—Section 302 Exterior Property

302.4 Weeds: All premises and exterior property shall be maintained free from weeds /plant growth in excess of 8 inches


Chapter 3—Section 303 Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs

303.1 Swimming Pools: Swimming pools shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition, and in good repair

303.2 Enclosures: Private swimming pools, hot tubs and spas containing more than 24 inches in depth shall be completely surrounded by a fence or barrier at least 48 inches in height. Gates and doors…shall be self-closing and self-latching. Note: Spas or hot tubs with a safety cover that complies with ASTM F 1346 shall be exempt from provision.


Chapter 3 —Section 304 Exterior Structure

304.2 Protective Treatment: All exterior surfaces, including but not limited to, doors, door and window frames, cornices, porches, trim, balconies, decks and fences shall be maintained in good condition. Exterior wood surfaces, other than decay-resistant woods, shall be protected from the elements and decay by painting or other protective covering or treatment.


Chapter 3—Section 307 Rubbish and Garbage

307.1 Accumulation of Rubbish or Garbage: All exterior properties and premises…shall be free of from any accumulation of rubbish or garbage.

307.2 Disposal of Rubbish: Every occupant of a structure shall dispose of all rubbish…in approved containers.

307.3.2 Containers: Every establishment producing garbage shall provide…approved leak-proof containers provided with close -fitting covers…”


Chapter 218—Solid Waste

218-13 Pre-collection Practices:

1. All refuse shall be drained of liquid and wrapped in paper before being placed in container

2. All cans, bottles or other food containers shall be rinsed free of food particles and drained before being placed in container

3. Newspapers, magazines and other printed matter shall be placed in containers…securely tied in bundles which shall not exceed 2 feet in height and 40 pounds in weight

4. Tree trimmings, shrubbery and similar rubbish shall be placed in containers or securely tied in bundles which shall not exceed 4 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter and shall not weigh more than 40 pounds


Chapter 218—Article III Recycling

218-23 Recycling Program:
(a) There is hereby established a program for mandatory source separation of recyclable materials from solid waste…

(b) Recyclable material…shall consist of: clear glass, colored glass, aluminum, steel, bimetallic, cans, plastic containers #1 & 2, newsprint. All empty bottles, jars and other containers shall be emptied and rinsed thoroughly.

218.25 Leaf Waste: All persons…shall source-separate all leaves and place them for collection at the time and manner (# 2 bag) as prescribed by regulation.

Definition of Leaf Waste: Leaves, garden residues, shrubbery and tree trimmings and similar material, but not grass clippings– must be swept up and put in trash.

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